In order to determine if you “require” the services of an Architect, there are few considerations to take into account. The final use of the building; the area of the building and the specific design requirements for the internal functions to take place in the building. Also you may want to considered using the services of an Architect to customize the design to your particular spatial needs.

According to the Architect’s Act the following table illustrates which buildings will require the services of an Architect.

Major Occupancy & Use per the current building codes Building requiring the services of an architect under section 60 of the Architects Act.*
Public Assembly Group A (Part 3)
  • any one-storey building with an unsupported span exceeding 9 m or gross area exceeding 275 m²
  • any building of more than one storey with gross area exceeding 235 m²; and
  •  all schools, any size
Hospital, Sanatorium, or Home for the Aged, Institutional Group B (Part 3)
  •  any building with a capacity exceeding 12 beds (excluding veterinary hospital)
  •  any building with gross area exceeding 470 m²
Residential Hotel or similar occupancy Group C
  •  any building containing 5 or more dwelling units
  •  any building containing 11 or more guest rooms
Commercial Group D & E
  •  any building with gross area exceeding 470 m²
Industrial Group F (F1: Part 3)
  • any building with gross area exceeding 470 m²

* The Architects Act is provincial legislation that does more than provide a right to title and right to practice for architects.

The Act also defines architecture and sets out which buildings require an architect by law.

Source: AIBC