909, 911, 915 – 12th Street, New Westminster

A 5-storey multi-unit residential development, with ground-oriented housing units which will activate the public realm on both street frontages through direct access to the units from the street and frontage patios.

Ground floor units are primarily family-oriented 3-bedroom units. The direct street access from these 3-bedroom units will enhance the walkability and pleasant scale of the street. Patios in front of the ground floor units have potential for a richly designed semi-private realm at the stage of detailed landscaping, with the architectural detailing reviewed provides appropriate transitions between the street and
private residential units, in part through natural grade changes.

Balconies, decks and building massing articulation have been used to create a lively expression along the street, and substantial sidewalk widths allow for comfortable and unimpeded pedestrian flow. Setbacks have been used to create private space for residential units at grade.


LOCATION: 909,911,915 – 12th Street, New Westminster, BC
SIZE: 33,220 Sq.Ft
STATUS: In Development

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